NFL Draft - Vikings Pick Is In...

Tim Ryan
April 25, 2024

After months of speculation, The NFL draft is upon us. We've been bombarded with a ridiculous amount of mock drafts over those past couple of months with some reasonable and some completely insane.

The one common thread is the guess that the Vikings would take their "quarterback of the future" early in the draft. Well, "THE PICK IS IN."

The Vikes ended up trading up only one spot in the draft after much guessing they could go up as high as number 3. Minnesota did a pick swap with the NY Jets at number 10 with the thought that the Denver Broncos were trying to leap-frog Minnesota for a QB. The Vikings gave up a 4th and 5th round pick along with number 11 for the Jets pick 10 and a sixth rounder. The Vikings were able to keep their first round pick at No. 23 this year.

With pick 10, the Vikings chose J. J. McCarthy out of Michigan and the next in line at QB. All the experts in the NFL believe the McCarthy is in the best situation of any QB drafted in this draft class.

Immediately after the Jets pick at 11, Denver chose QB Bo Nix with suggests that Minnesota made the right move trading up and made the logical decision at 10.

Time will tell the story and good luck kid and welcome to the Vikings....on to pick 23!

(Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings)

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